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The role of dry storage in hurricane safety

Updated: 3 days ago

The threat of hurricanes can be a source of anxiety and stress. Potential damage to a boat is a

constant concern, especially during hurricane season. The relentless winds that can exceed

well over 100 miles per hour, torrential downpours, and storm surges transform marinas and

coastal areas. From superficial scratches and broken masts to catastrophic flooding and total

losses, the spectrum of damage is wide and unpredictable. Embracing preventative measures

such as dry storage becomes a necessity.

Dry storage utilizes indoor spaces that shield boats from storms. Legendary Marina in Gulf

Shores boasts an advanced arrangement of dry storage solutions designed specifically for

hurricane safety. The meticulously engineered storage racks can accommodate a variety of boat

sizes up to 50 FT. Additionally, the around-the-clock security monitoring offers assurance during

such unpredictable times.

Beyond these features lies a community of passionate staff members. This team is always

ready to answer questions, address concerns, and provide guidance, reinforcing that your boat

is in good hands at Legendary Marina Gulf Shores.

For more information on Hurricane Plans, contact Renee Walker at 251.468.2377

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