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legendary marina and yacht club groundbreaking ceremony 2023


Our Commitment

Welcome to Legendary Marina & Yacht Club, where excellence meets adventure in the heart of Gulf Shores, Alabama. As a premier destination for boating enthusiasts and leisure seekers, our marina offers the best boat storage, a wide array of exceptional services and experiences that redefine the boating lifestyle.

Our Vision

At Legendary Marina & Yacht Club, our vision is to create an exclusive and captivating environment that caters to every aspect of the boating experience. We are committed to providing peace-of-mind boat storage and marina storage, and top-notch maintenance services, ensuring that our members and guests have the time of their lives in an exciting and welcoming atmosphere.

The Legendary Experience

Dry Boat Storage and Wet Slips

Our marina offers the best secure and convenient dry boat storage facilities for your vessels. With our cutting-edge technology and expert staff, you can trust that your boats will be protected from the elements and ready for your next on-water adventure.

Boat Services and Repairs

Legendary Marina & Yacht Club boasts a team of skilled marine professionals dedicated to keeping your boats in pristine condition. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we have the expertise and resources to ensure your vessels are always in top-notch shape.

Discover Our Amenties and Yacht Club

Whether you're a seasoned boater, a passionate traveler, or someone seeking unforgettable experiences on the Gulf Shores, Legendary Marina & Yacht Club invites you to explore the ultimate boating lifestyle. Embrace the thrill of the sea, enjoy yourself all within the embrace of our luxurious yacht club.


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