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dry storage legendary marina yacht club

Storage Promotions

Limited Time Offer: 

Pick your Perks at Legendary Marina & Yacht Club in Gulf Shores

Sign up for a new annual contract and choose from three amazing offers to enhance your

boating experience. Select one of the below deals:

Option 1: *25% off the current annual storage rates for 12 months - Dry Storage Only


Option 2: *15% off all fuel sales and 10% off any ship store purchases for the first 12 months of contract


Option 3: *Twice a year, complimentary boat washing is available for the first 12 months of contract


To claim this offer, simply mention the code PERKS2024 when you contact our sales team at 251.923.1828 or

*Offers are valid only at Legendary Marina & Yacht Club Gulf Shores for an annual contract signed after 5/1/2024.

They are not valid with any other discount or promotion and are limited-time promotions. Offers are valid for one year

(12 months) from the start date of the annual contract.

Rate Specials
Hoist BIG inside rates


  • Dry Storage Building rated to meet Cat 5 Hurricane wind speeds

  • Accommodates Boats Up to 50ft

  • 24-Hour Monitored Security

  • On-Site Fueling

  • Conveniently Request Launches From our App

  • Unlimited In-and-Out of Water Services

legendary wet slip rates


  • 24-Hour Monitored Security

  • Accommodates Boats Up to 65ft

  • On-Site Fueling

  • Ice Sales and Complimentary Fish Prep Station

  • Premium Aluminum Docks

  • 30A/50A Shorepower


Hurricane Storage/Storm Storage

  • A limited number of spaces are available

  • The official season begins June 1, 2024 and ends November 30, 2024

  • 24-Hour Monitored Security

  • On-Site Fueling

  • Ground Floor Access

  • Max Length for Vessels is Up to 50 Feet


WaveRunner/Jet Ski

  • 24-Hour Monitored Security

  • On-Site Fueling

  • WaveRunner/Jet Ski

Single WaveRunner/Jet Ski rates start at $250 per month
Two WaveRunners/Jet Skis rate starts at $450 per month

The rate includes unlimited launches, courtesy freshwater flush, and soap wash.

* WaveRunner/Jet Ski trailer storage is available on the top shelf @ $200.00 per month. Offered on a monthly agreement.


*Owners may be asked to remove trailers with a 30-day notice as the storage facility nears capacity or is limited in space on our top shelf.

*All vessels are subject to load and offload fees.


How Vessels Are Measured for Dry Storage

To calculate the appropriate size of the Dry Slip required, certain measurements must be considered.

These measurements include the vessel's maximum length, height, and beam. In determining the vessel's length, the measurements are taken from the furthest point aft to the furthest point forward.


It also takes into account appendages such as engines, cowlings, drives, pulpits, and anchors that could affect the overall length.


The height of the vessel is determined by taking measurements after the 9' mark from the lowest point of the keel to the highest point of the vessel, which encompasses features like radars, folded antennas, lights, and rigging.

The vessel's beam is measured starting at 9' and extends
to the widest point of the vessel.

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