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Guarding your Vessel: Hurricane Season Boat Preparation

Understanding Your Environment and Risks

Boat preparation demands an understanding of the environment.  The first step in this process is to acquaint yourself with the typical weather patterns your area encounters. Is your region prone to sudden, intense storms, or are the escalation of weather patterns more predictable and gradual?

What are the storm surge potentials in your area, and how might they affect safe harbor locations or dockside storage? Flood risk assessment goes hand in hand with this; mapping out how rising waters could impact your vessel and the immediate infrastructure critical to your boat's safety and accessibility is essential.

Securing the Right Insurance Coverage

Securing the right insurance coverage is a pivotal element in safeguarding your vessel. The intricacies of selecting an insurance policy that mirrors your vessel's specific needs and the environmental risks it faces cannot be overstated. 

It begins with an audit of your current policy's fine print:

  • Are the factors of high winds and storm surges adequately addressed within your policy?

  • Does it provide coverage for the unfortunate event of sinking or capsizing?

This step is about more than just protection; it's about tailoring a policy encompassing all facets of hurricane-related damage.


Dry storage for boats

The Crucial Role of Dry Storage

Elevating your vessel to the safety of dry storage isn't merely about relocating your boat; it's a defense. Selecting a reputable and secure dry storage facility cannot be overstated. Your vessel finds refuge here, sheltered from storm surges and relentless winds. 

Boat Inspection and Maintenance

By investing time and effort into inspection and maintenance, you're not just preparing your boat for hurricane season; you're ensuring that your vessel remains safe when faced with the might of nature. 

Safe and Secure with Legendary Marina Gulf Shores 

Dry storage, proper insurance, regular inspections, and maintenance are the best ways to protect your boat. Choosing a reliable and secure facility and taking care of your vessel's condition can reduce the risks and costs associated with storms. 

Legendary Marina Gulf Shores offers dry storage that can meet up to Cat 5 hurricane wind speeds, the most comprehensive concierge boat service, and on-site maintenance teams for any marina on the Northern Gulf Coast. Your vessel will be safe and secure, your insurance provider will be satisfied, and the knowledgeable staff will walk you through every step to ensure your confidence this hurricane season. 

Don't let nature catch you off guard.


Act now, as Dry Storage Space is limited. Call 251.468.2377Visit us online at

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